About US

The Urban Livelihood Center, established by the Municipal Corporation Dungarpur, is a noble initiative that aims to serve the middle and high income group residing in informal areas of the city. This center provides a wide range of facilities to the city residents, including security, carpentry, plumbing, electrician, housekeeping, health care, tutoring, courier services, and computer hardware and networking.
Moreover, the Urban Livelihood Center is a beacon of hope for the urban poor who have marketable skills but lack access to income trading markets. This center provides a platform to showcase their services and to connect with potential buyers. Additionally, it serves as an information hub for various government programs, including skill training opportunities, bank credit, and social security.
The objective of the Urban Livelihood Centers at the city level is to promote social mobility and institutional development for the urban poor. It aims to bridge the gap between demand and supply of goods and services produced by the urban poor, and to create a channel for information and business support services that would not be otherwise accessible to them.